Siouxon Creek Trail

15.25 miles, 2,915 feet gain

The Siouxon creek trailhead is located in southwestern Washington, a few miles south of highway 503 near Mount St. Helens. This is good hike to view waterfalls, but you'll have to walk pretty far: the access road has been closed after the lower trailhead due to the 2020 Big Hollow fire, and may be closed at a gate 1/2 mile before the lower trailhead during the winter. Along the trail you'll find sections of forest recovering from the 2020 burn, and there may be unexpected obstacles (washouts, downed trees, etc.).

About two miles in, there is a washout on a side creek that requires ankle-deep fording during the rainy season. You'll pass the closed upper trailhead after around three miles, and will start to have a better view of Siouxon creek as the trail draws closer to the water.

Just before our visit, there had been heavy rainfall, so the waterfalls were flowing hard. There are more falls to be found further up the trail, but as daylight was running out we decided to turn back. We ended up hiking 15.24 miles with 2,195 feet of elevation gain. If you decide to hike the full length of the trail, it looks to be around 24 miles.

We were able to find wild, edible mushrooms growing beside the trail. Pictured below are Golden Chanterelles and a Lobster mushroom.
Chanterelle Mushroom picked on the Siouxon Trail
Waterfall along the Siouxon Trail, Washington
Lobster Mushroom picked on the Siouxon Trail
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