Golden Canyon

6.23 miles, 1,158 feet gain

Golden Canyon is a popular hiking trail in Death Valley national park, just a few minutes from Furnace Creek.
A shorter out-and-back to Red Cathedral can be hiked on this trail, or you can make a longer loop that should be around 7 miles. If you have time, you can also add on the Zabriskie Point hike, which is reachable from the Golden Canyon trail

The Golden Canyon trail is home to colorful canyons that vary from light yellow to ruddy or dark brown. Near Red Cathedral (a 1/2 mile spur trail), tall sandstone cliffs take on a deep, reddish hue.
Hiking Golden Canyon in Death Valley National Park
As you climb up and around the loop, the trail exits the wash and follows a series of marker posts. Near Manly Beacon (the high point on the trail), there are panoramic views of the canyons, and the salt flats below. To complete the loop back to Golden Canyon trailhead, the trail rejoins a wash and descends to Gower Gulch.

If you hike this in the warm season (why would you, unless you like suffering), bring plenty of water and dress appropriately. There wont be much shade during the summer months, and the heat can quickly become intolerable in the canyon.
Hiking through the wash of Golden Canyon, Death Valley National Park
Golden Canyon can be tied in with other trails and destinations along the Badwater Basin road (the road that runs south from Furnace Creek). On the same day, we were able to visit Artist's Palette, Devil's Golf Course, the Badwater Basin salt flats, and Room Canyon before heading back to camp near Stovepipe Wells.
Overlooking geologic formations in Golden Canyon, Death Valley National ParkSunlight illuminating Golden Canyon, Death Valley National ParkRed Cathedral, Death Valley National Park
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