Goblin Valley

7.91 miles, 1,191 feet gain

Rock formations in Goblin Valley State Park, Utah
Goblin Valley is a state park in Utah ($20 entry fee for day use), containing unique sandstone formations that may or may not look like Goblins. The main defined trail from the parking lot loops around the back of the valley, and leads to a couple of caves known as the lair of the goblin. These caves are definitely interesting, but the main attraction is exploring the sandstone formations in the valley itself. There's no official trail in the valley, but a multitude of social trails and offshoots. You can wander as you see fit - exploring up side canyons and washes. If you climb the central feature of the valley, a grey stone hill, you are granted a sweeping view of the goblins.
If you are thinking about making the trip to Goblin Valley - do it. This place is seriously amazing and has some of the most unique and accessible sandstone formations around.

Camping at the state park is available for a fee, but you can drive a bit further down the road away from the highway to dispersed camp sites (there's a few areas with dispersed sites along the road). These dispersed campgrounds are unimproved.

If you want to continue to explore the area, there are several slot canyons a couple miles from Goblin Valley.

A goblin in its lair. Hanging from goblin noses not recommended.
The Lair of the Goblin, UtahA goblin with a long nose, Goblin Valley State Park, Utah
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