Dalles Mountain Loop

13 miles, 1,600 feet gain

We began the Dalles Mountain loop at the Crawford Oaks Trailhead, looped back to the trailhead, and then drove a short distance to the Stacker Butte Trailhead. It's around 8 miles to complete the Crawford Oaks loop (more if you take all the side trails), and approximately 5 miles to hike up to Stacker Butte and back. Both can be completed in the same day, if you are up for it.

It's strongly recommended to visit the Dalles Mountain Ranch during the spring wildflower bloom. The peak bloom varies every year with the weather, usually occurring around early May.
Wildflowers along the trail, Dalles Mountain Ranch, Columbia River Gorge
During the peak bloom, the rolling hills around the ranch will be covered in yellow Balsamroot. A variety of other flowers contribute to the bloom, including lupine, fleabane, and blanket flower. A the high point of the Crawford Oaks loop, there is an alternate parking lot, and the historic ranch. Most people park here to view the wildflowers.

If you decide to continue up to Stacker Butte, you'll be rewarding with views of the eastern Columbia River gorge, and even more wildflowers. When flowers are blooming at the Rancher, they're usually just budding at the top of Stacker Butte, due to the elevation change.
Blooming Balsamroot and Lupine, Columbia River Gorge
A favorite photo spot near the ranch is an abandoned, rusted out old car among the wildflowers. We didn't find it, but a lot of people I talked to seemed to be searching for it.
Dalles Mountain Ranch, Columbia River Gorge


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