Goldbug Hot Springs

3.92 miles, 950 feet elevation gain, 1 night

Goldbug hot springs is located in a steep canyon, with springs emerging from several sources towards the top.

This spring is popular, and the trailhead is right off highway 93 on a residential street (the surrounding area is remote and rural). Please be mindful of the landowners and park in designated spaces for the trailhead, and do not leave any trash near the trailhead or the springs.

The hike to the spring is about 2 miles up the canyon, gaining almost 900 feet of elevation along the way - be sure to bring plenty of water if the weather is hot. If you hike past the top of the springs, there are a few small campsites. Larger campsites can be found on the lower trail, but they are farther from the springs. The steepness of the canyon creates a cascade of hot springs into multiple pools, the water temperature varying depending on how far you are from the source.

The topmost pool is heart-shaped, and offers a beautiful view down the canyon towards the Salmon river. Take plenty of time to explore the springs, soaking pools, and cascading hot waterfalls.

Heart-shaped pool at Goldbug Hotsprings, Idaho

Smoke from wildfires, Idaho

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